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200 Km. Long Blue Path That Connects Beaches And Ports All Along The Málaga Coast.

A Dream Come True

200 km. long blue path that connects beaches and ports all along the Málaga Coast.

The Málaga Coastal Path (Senda Litoral de Málaga) is a Project run by the Province Council, that involves fourteen coastal municipalities, the administrative unions of coastal towns, the Andalusian Government’s Department of the Environment and Territory Planning, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment for the Coast and Sea. This project is meant to connect Manilva and Nerja by means of a long path (between 160 and 180 km long) that goes along the entire coast.

This trail, which has already been used at some of its 167 stretches, is going to link some already existing infrastructures, such as walkways, bridges, lines and paths, and it will provide some new connecting structures made in cooperation with corresponding administrative bodies.Around 80% of the trails that belong to the Coastal Path have already been opened for hikers since the beginning of November. Some old structures have been used for this purpose. Therefore, the following actions of the projects include works on 20% of the path. This is a long-term project, as it is planned to be carried out in five-year period of time.

Moreover, the Coastal Path will help offering the Costa del Sol as a unique tourism supply which includes the entire province, from the east to the west. Truly, very often people divide it into the south and west coast, but this separation is only geographical, as the brand refers to both of them as a part of the province.


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